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Send a text message from SQL Server 2019

NOTE: You must have SQL Server database mail enabled for this stored procedure to work.

create or alter proc [dbo].[SendTextMessage](
	@number sysname
	,@message nvarchar(max)
	,@subject sysname = null
	,@provider nvarchar(20) = N'Verizon'
	set nocount on;

	set @number = trim(@number);
	if @number is null or len(@number)<7 begin;
		set @message = N'@number is too short';
		throw 51000, @message, 1;

	set @message = trim(@message);
	if @message is null or len(@message)<2 begin;
		set @message = N'@message is too short';
		throw 51000, @message, 1;

	set @subject = trim(@subject);
	if @subject is null set @subject = @@SERVERNAME + N' Notification';

	declare @to nvarchar(255) = @number + N'@'+
		case @provider
			when N'Verizon' then N'vtext.com'
			when N'VZ' then N'vtext.com'
			when N'V' then N'vtext.com'
			when N'ATT' then N'txt.att.net'
			when N'SPRINT' then N'messaging.sprintpcs.com'
			when N'TMOBILE' then N'tmomail.net'

	if nullif(@provider,N'@') is null begin;
		throw 51000, 'Unknown provider. Message not sent.', 1;

	begin try;
		declare @mailitem_id int;
		exec msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail @recipients = @to, @subject = @subject, @body = @message, @mailitem_id=@mailitem_id output;
	end try
	begin catch;
		throw 51000, 'Unknown error calling msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail.', 1;
	end catch;